Collection: African Hoodie Collection

Own your look with an African print hoodie,  they're comfy, cool, and meaningful Africa inspired dashiki hoodies  with a unique story of bold mud cloth patterns. The clean, modern base lets the prints shine, so you get the best of both worlds: tradition and trendsetting style.

Ready to own your look? Grab one of these amazing African  hoodies and show off your style!

  •  Modern style meets ancient African vibes Vivid colors, bold patterns
  • Perfect for chilling or strutting your stuff, Unisex comfort
  • Cozy features: Hood, long sleeves, and a pocket for ultimate comfort  
  • One of a kind hoodie Embrace your unique: Stand out 
  • Express your vibe  and find a design that's totally you!

Why you'll love it

All of our products are original designs made with quality materials. Here are a few reasons why you'll love it

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Features of Collection


African Hoodie

Forget basic! Get ready to shine like a star with our fierce African print hoodies! These bad boys are bursting with eye popping colors and also the coolest patterns.  All inspired by ancient mud cloth. Each Africa hoodie is also designed with the vibrancy of Africa's culture. Therefore you can rock a look that's totally you! You won't find another hoodie like it anywhere else, guaranteed!

  • One of a kind African print hoodie, rock bold rich culture. A double win 
  • Style meets comfort! Chill or strut, these hoodies got you covered! . 
  • Express yourself, express your vibe! Stand out from the crowd with a design that's totally you. 
  • Bold colors meet cool accents! vibrant colors and subtle details,
  • Dots, dots, dots! Inspired by classic mud cloth patterns,  bold dots also add a touch of tradition and serious style. 
  • Modern meets ancient! Our Africa inspired hoodie blends the best of both worlds, fresh modern styles infused with the soul of well worn customs. 


Our one of a kind Africa and dashiki hoodies are bursting with unique details and prints. We pour our heart into every stroke, so each hoodie is a total original, just like you!

 The hoodies' bold patterns tell stories about African culture, passed down through the centuries. Also, the clean, sleek base lets the bright colors and cool dots really shine.  Adding a touch of glam to your everyday look.

Material of Collection

Material African Print Hoodie

Polyester 94%, Spandex 6%, 

Get ready to explode with color and style with an African print or dashiki hoodie! They're bold, bright, and they also blend the coolest ancient vibes with fresh, modern style. Fierce patterns, eye catching colors, and a design that's totally unique (you won't find another like it!). It's tradition and trendy fashion fused. They're just waiting to make you look amazing! 

Collection Specs

Product  Description

Love bold colors and cool patterns? These African hoodies have got you covered! They rock vibrant hues that capture the energy of modern fashion, while still honoring ancient African traditions. It's also like wearing a piece of history with a twist!  Moreover, they're comfy for everyone! Whether you're a guy or a girl, these unisex hoodies are perfect for chilling out or just lounging with friends. They've also got all the features you need, like a cozy hood, long sleeves, and a handy pouch  pocket. Embrace your unique style with an African print or dashiki hoodie!


African Print Hoodie fit

Choose your Africa hoodie and step out with confidence, knowing you're rocking a look that's both stylish and significant.  Ditch the baggy, boring look! Our African print and dashiki hoodies are sleek and stylish, keeping you looking sharp and also feeling edgy. 


African Print Hoodie

Our African print hoodie is available in 7 sizes.  S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL.  Need help with your  size?  Please also see the size chart to find the right fit.