Collection: African Print Pencil Skirts

Our amazing African print pencil skirts are a must have for your wardrobe, A bold African print skirt with unique mud cloth inspired patterns. This skirt is perfect for showing off your personal style and celebrating a rich culture with a modern twist.

  • Flattering fit: The pencil skirt style highlights your curves while offering comfortable wear
  • Versatile: Dress it up with a blazer for work or pair it with a simple tee for a fun weekend look.
  • Statement piece: This skirt is a conversation starter, perfect for making a stylish impression. 

Why you'll love it

All of our products are original designs made with quality materials. Here are a few reasons why you'll love it

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Features of Collection

Features African Print Pencil Skirts

Let's dive into the bold features of our mud cloth inspired skirts! Firstly, its bold design immediately catches the eye.  It's also reminiscent of a  classic African mud cloth print with its intricate symbols.  This skirt captures that timeless style. Vibrant patterns also adorn this unique piece, making it a joy to wear.

Beyond its stunning looks, each African print pencil skirt tells a captivating story, proudly showcasing the incredible heritage of the continent. By wearing this skirt, you're not just rocking a trendy piece,  you're also becoming a walking canvas of cultural richness. It's a great way to celebrate the vibrant traditions woven into each design.

Bold African Patterns in muted modern colors

The versatility of this skirt is another great feature. Imagine pairing it with a chic white top for a more polished and serious look. Or, you can also opt for something bold to make a statement and stand out.

  • Long lasting 100% polyester, will last through many washes.
  • Eye catching mud cloth pattern in muted tones
  • Sits just above the knee
  • A timeless design of modern fashion and ancient culture

Material of Collection

 Material African Print Pencil Skirt

Polyester 100%, Stretchy fabric with elasticized waist 

Made from comfy and stretchy polyester, and it has an elastic waist.  Moreover, that means it's easy to put on and fits just right. The skirt is snug in all the right places.  Therefore it keeps you looking awesome and put together.

Collection Specs

Product  Description

This simple African print pencil skirt sits above the knee. Skirt length ranges from 17 inches to 20 inches, based on the chart.  Please also see the  size chart for your size and to confirm your perfect length.


Sizes African print pencil skirt

The Skirt is also available in 5 sizes.  S, M, L, XL, XXL, Need help with your  size?  Please see the size chart.