About Us

Africa-In-Me is a commitment to Pan African ideals. Sisters Ava and Jenn, inspired by leaders like Marcus Garvey and visionaries like Thomas Sankara, decided to go beyond admiration. In February 2022, they turned their commitment into action, birthing Africa-In-Me.

Their vision extends beyond the continent; it includes the diaspora. They aim to unite Africans worldwide, acknowledging the historical struggles faced in foreign lands. Africa-In-Me seeks to bridge the gap between the continent and the diaspora, fostering meaningful change and a better Africa.

Liberating Africa is a shared responsibility. Africa-In-Me invites every African and member of the diaspora to join in this noble endeavor. Together, we shape the future of Africa, a continent reflecting the dreams of every African soul. Africa-In-Me is more than a name; it's a promise and a dedication to the enduring spirit of Pan Africanism.

Join us on this transformative journey. Together, we are the architects of a brighter tomorrow for Africa, where Pan African ideals become a living reality, and unity and prosperity prevail.