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African American Tote Bags lemon curd | Set of 4

African American Tote Bags lemon curd | Set of 4

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Indulge in our beautiful set of 4 African American tote bags, a celebration of our love of color and our African American heritage;   for bold styles also browse all of our African print tote bags for sale.  We have great reusable grocery shopping bag options.  

    Lemon Curd Print Set of 4 Features a mustard color background with orange, blue and cyan accents in the stlye of mud cloth design.


    Size African American Tote bags

     This tote is just the right size to carry your must haves. It's more than just chic it's also the perfect shopping companion.

    • Size  14.57(L) x 3.74(W) x 14.17(H) 
    • Hand drop 11.03
    • Perfect size for grocery shopping
    • Great sidekick for your purse



    Fashion with a Conscience  Eco-Chic

    Get on board with sustainable living by choosing our reusable African print canvas tote bags.

    • Perfect for grocery shopping,
    • A huge impact with one small action
    • No more throw away plastics
    • Good for the environment
    • Built to last
    • Eco friendly accessory



    Reusable cotton canvas tote bag for grocery shopping are great for the environment and they also don't break or rip easily.

    • 100% cotton
    • 26.46 Oz.  high grade canvas

    Product Specs

    Description African American Tote Bags

    Lively African inspired print tote bags for sale, with bright pinks, blues, reds, yellows, and also oranges.  The print creates a blend of tradition and modern style. Moreover, each bag is a one of a kind design of rich color to brighten your next shopping trip.

    So step into the world of fashion and practical style with our high grade African print bags. Embrace the mix of style and purpose

    No more single use plastics

    Set of 4 bags

    Care Recommendations


    Hand wash using mild detergent. Let it air dry thoroughly. Hang it in a well ventilated area outdoors to ensure it dries completely. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause colors to fade.

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