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African American tote bags Mellow | Set of 4

African American tote bags Mellow | Set of 4

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Indulge in our beautiful set of 4 African American tote bags, a celebration of our love of color and our African American heritage;   for bold styles also browse all of our African print tote bags for sale.  We have great reusable grocery shopping bag options.

Calypso Print Set of 4 Features a bold muted red background with yellow, blue and red accents in the style of mud cloth design.



  • Perfect for grocery shopping,
  • A huge impact with one small action
  • No more throw away plastics
  • Good for the environment
  • Built to last
  • Eco friendly accessory



Reusable cotton canvas tote bag for grocery shopping are great for the environment and they also don't break or rip easily.

  • 100% cotton
  • 26.46 Oz.  high grade canvas

Product Specs

Description African American Tote Bags

Lively African inspired print tote bags for sale, with bright pinks, blues, reds, yellows, and also oranges.  The print creates a blend of tradition and modern style. Moreover, each bag is a one of a kind design of rich color to brighten your next shopping trip.

  • No more single use plastics
  • Set of 4 bags


Size African American Tote bags

 This tote is just the right size to carry your must haves. It's more than just chic it's also the perfect shopping companion.

  • Size  14.57(L) x 3.74(W) x 14.17(H) 
  • Hand drop 11.03
  • Perfect size for grocery shopping
  • Great sidekick for your purse

Care Recommendations


Hand wash using mild detergent. Let it air dry thoroughly. Hang it in a well ventilated area outdoors to ensure it dries completely. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause colors to fade.

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